"I would never have gotten this knowledge at my




My name is Sophie G. I'm in the twelfth grade of a grammar school. I already had problems with my spelling in the lower classes, but this was not noticed because of my good oral grade in German. Another reason for the inactivity of my teachers was that only in the upper classes were credits deducted due to bad/lack of spelling.


Now, when I entered the twelfth grade and got credits deducted in most subjects, my teachers told me that I had dyslexia and should do something about it. What I should do, they did not say. They simply pointed out my problem.


My mother told me about the method. She told me there was a trainer near to us.


When finally nothing helped any more with my dyslexia and it became an increasing burden for me, my mother and I found our way to the nearest counselor. First we had an interview and then we made an appointment.


In the first three days Mr. Tzivanakis and I had worked together, we not only worked on the dyslexia - and the results are impressive: I improved my failure rate from 17.6% to 2.8%... - but also on the linguistic and written expression and the better and faster understanding of texts.


Finally I got the feeling that someone not only understood my problem, but also helped me in such a way that I can eliminate my dyslexia. This was already a great success for me.


Furthermore, by understanding the text and doing expression exercises, I have been taught a method of how to find my way in texts better and how to express myself better in linguistic terms. I have the feeling that in my head, where before there was only confusion about language, everything has finally been structured and has found its place.


I have been given the tools for a better use of the language. This knowledge I was taught, I would never have gotten at my school. I am grateful to Mr. Tzivanakis for this. I can only express great gratitude at this point!