Stronger self-confidence and happier


What were the results of the program for you?

Client J. (9 years):  "...quite many... I can read better, I can calculate better, I'm more relaxed when I do my tasks."


Has something changed in your behavior?


Client J.: "If someone is annoying me, I'm calmer, and if someone is attacking me, I defend myself better."


And why do you think this is so?


Client J.: "I feel stronger."


Mother: Dyslexia was one side of the problem. The other - and from my point of view more important - was the lack of attention, motivation and enjoyment in learning, as well as the low self-confidence resulting from frustrating experiences.  All these "states" have changed positively after the week, and my son has also changed his behavior in a way that is noticeably positive for others.  He is proud of himself, is now happy to make his contribution, and is more motivated - at school and at home.


The fact that he can read nearly without any mistakes now is a pleasant by-product. In the meantime, I am becoming more and more successful at not wanting to control my son's behavior. Instead, I can increasingly allow him to feel the natural consequences of his behavior. This brings me enormous freedom and serenity myself. My son now seems more self-confident and happy to me, even though he often had to get angry in the "changeover phase", because I left him no loophole and consistently stood by my word and our agreements. For me it means to let go of my old behavior patterns again and again and to be aware of them. At the same time it requires me to be in the moment again and again, to feel what the situation needs at the moment in order to be authentic and consistent. It is a step away from manipulation and control towards personal responsibility and independence - on both sides.


I can only wish this experience to everyone. In my experience, this training week is only to be recommended. It has brought us both an enormous benefit.